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Wall Painting - The Simplest Way to Protect Your Home
Published July 20, 2017

Wall Painting – The Simplest Way to Protect Your Home

Our home is one place in this increasingly cold universe where we can relax and truly feel at peace. That being so, how often do we take into account the beating that the interiors and exteriors of our homes take over the course of time. Be it the harmful rays of the sun, or the cold […]

Moving to a new city is a challenge. Finding House Cleaning Services for your new home makes this challenge even harder, says Aishwarya - our happy patron.
Published July 14, 2017

House Cleaning Services for a New Home – Aishwarya’s Experience

Moving to a new city gives way to a new life and a new home. These prospects would seem daunting to the best of us. Cleaning the predecessors’ mess is a nightmare for any new home owner. Such was the case for Aishwarya. She had recently acquired her much desired promotion and was transferred to Delhi. […]

Thanking the Young Mr. Homecare team on World Youth Skills Day
Published July 12, 2017

Thanking the Young Mr. Homecare Team on World Youth Skills Day

It isn’t seldom that we hear people complain of a generation that is ‘spoilt’. That the youth of today have no interest in earning their stripes. We hear these things so frequently that in our minds, we may just accept them as facts. However, with the Mr. Homecare team, our experience has pointed out the polar opposite. […]

Myths About Pest Control in India (Part. 2)

Myths About Pest Control in India (Part. 2)

In two of our earlier articles, we have highlighted some of the common myths surrounding pests and pest control in India. However, given the vast nature of the field, that list could not be made comprehensive. That being as it is, we bring you 3 more common pest control myths that people believe to be […]

Are Pets Messy? - A message for potential pet-parents
Published July 11, 2017

Are Pets Messy? – A Message for Potential Pet-Parents

“Look at my handsome boy!” We have heard that so often only to see the object of our friends’ affection is actually a pet, usually, a dog or a cat. When most of us think of pets, we imagine clumps of hair flying about the house and worming its way into every item we own. […]

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