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Linda Williams leads accounts and administration at SILA Bangalore. A greatful team shares how effectively she leads from the top.
Published March 22, 2017

Meet Linda Williams From SILA Bangalore

Meet Linda Williams, who leads Accounts and Administration at SILA Bangalore. Delving deep into what inspires her, and drives her ahead at work. In her own words: What is your role in SILA? My role focuses primarily on handling entire Administration and Accounts department for Bangalore City catering to SILA, Mr. Homecare and Envocare. Envocare, I look into only […]

Mr. Homecare shares how Sabiha Bilal is a wonderful patron, who helped with valuable feedback post home cleaning service for her Mumbai apartment.
Published March 3, 2017

“Commendable Service by Mr. Homecare” – Sabiha Bilal

Feedback is crucial to a company’s health, yet quite tender in its disposition. We have had our customers share their frank feedback right from the start. Since home cleaning is a personal errand, where we clean every nook and corner dear to you, understanding how you like the service helps us be better at what […]

Inappropriate humidity levels can wreck your house and cause serious illnesses. Mr. Homecare shares ways to reduce humidity this summer by AC servicing.
Published March 2, 2017

Ways To Reduce Humidity in Your Home

The long, hot summers in India are quite unforgiving and you can’t survive those humid months without the blessed air conditioners. Controlling your home’s humidity levels by AC servicing has significantly more benefits than a reduced heating bill, and inappropriate humidity levels can wreck your house as well as cause serious illnesses. Managing ideal indoor […]

Mr. Homecare shares a happy and a blissed out customer experience by Rashi Jhunjhunwaala, when we did home cleaning in her Mumbai apartment
Published February 23, 2017

“A helpful and a hassle free experience” – Rashi Jhunjhunwala

It is natural for our patrons to be concerned about how verified, and how trained and well mannered our teams are – considering they would have access to every single detail of a customer’s residence. Customer testimonials deliver tangible data which is a step that takes us closer to improve relationship with the customer and reach […]

Mr. Homecare explains how window cleaning plays an important role in a home cleaning session, complete with the process and description.
Published February 15, 2017

Everything About Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is generally the manual cleaning of architectural glass use for structural, decorative or lighting purposes. It is quite cool to demand a window cleaning session without knowing what it is. Get an in depth at exactly what and how window cleaning is like to make your glass sparkle and streak free.

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