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Published October 25, 2017

Post Diwali Home Cleaning

Diwali has just gone and  now it’s time to put away all the decorations that we had so graciously taken out to decorate our house. So basically we all would be looking for easiest possible ways to get rid of all types of stains and dusts. While enjoying this festival of lights, none of us […]

Mr. Homecare shares why the importance of high quality painting is necessary in order to shield your home in all ways.
Published October 19, 2017

The Importance of High Quality Painting

We are all here trying to save a buck (well who isn’t?), and there’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting a good deal. But when it comes to paint for your house and selecting a right painting service for your home (both interior and exterior), it’s always a difficult task. Lets face it. Yes it’s […]

Mr. Homecare cares your home, hence here is the consolidated list of reasons why you need to call a professional painter asap and shield your home.
Published October 18, 2017

Time to Call a Professional Painter

Since paint plays such an important role in protecting one of the biggest investments, its recommended to do regular touch ups or re-coats in addition to applying a fresh color as your decorating tastes evolve. So once you’ve prepared our room you’re ready to start decorating. But are you sure you know how to go […]

Mr. Homecare shares how high humidity in Mumbai increasing risks of diseases & infections, and even deteriorates home health. This is how to tackle it.
Published October 12, 2017

How does humidity affect home health in Mumbai?

The level of moisture in the air is known as humidity. It affects you in a lot of ways, including your perspiration level, health, your home health and even the surface of your walls. High humidity means greater moisture in the air that can lead to a variety of issues like difficulty in drying your […]

home cleanup
Published October 10, 2017

A Helpful Home Cleanup for Dhisha

Being in the home cleaning services industry is no cake walk – especially when you are present across geographies and in Pune which is, after all, Pune – our teams are on the field all day doing what they do best – keeping your homes and offices sparkling clean. Our communications teams are at work […]