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Mr. Homecare shares a happy sofa shampooing experience of a Pune customer, and it is very special for us because we're still new to this wonderful city.
Published January 18, 2016

We remember your sofa shampooing is due!

We are so fond of Pune sofa shampooing and home cleaning stories, that we have ceased to amaze ourselves anymore. We are still new to this city and finding our way around, occasionally being caught in traffic, being lost in the homely lanes and we ask for address only to be turned down. Not. We […]

Home cleaning

Happy Home Cleaning for Vishwanath Tiwari

Even if a home services company like ours stays open all days of the week, Sunday is special and so is Monday. The loving angst of going to work on every first day of the new week is shared by our team members as much as all the Jacks and Toms out there. Why do […]

home safety checks
Published January 17, 2016

2 essential things elders should be taken care of in terms of home safety

Okay, before you get very angry with us for hurling such “unfounded accusations” at you, a short disclaimer: We know that you do everything you can to ensure that the elders, be it your parents or your beloved grandparents, in your family are well, happy, and safe. Yet, what if there were certain things you weren’t […]

Mr. Homecare shares happy and not-so-happy customer stories from Pune, stressing on how customer feedback always helps us be better.
Published January 16, 2016

Pune Offers Sweet & Sour Experiences – Mr. Homecare

From a home cleaning perspective, of course, because people from Pune are known to be quite delightful, no? They have quite a reputation. Jumping to the subject at hand – Mr. Homecare is having a whale of a time serving homes and offices in all the services we offer – cleaning, ac servicing, maintenance, pest […]

Mr. Homecare shares a happy customer story from Pune, and what stands out here is the detailed feedback post his home cleaning service, which helped!

Happy Doctor, Happy Customer, Happy Home Cleaning

One of the learning that we have had through our 5 year old journey is that our dear customers (that’s you) like to communicate and how! You might choose to talk to us through the website form, or through a blog comment, or through a mobile application if we float ours again, and some prefer […]