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Are Pets Messy? - A message for potential pet-parents
Published July 11, 2017

Are Pets Messy? – A Message for Potential Pet-Parents

“Look at my handsome boy!”

We have heard that so often only to see the object of our friends’ affection is actually a pet, usually, a dog or a cat. When most of us think of pets, we imagine clumps of hair flying about the house and worming its way into every item we own. Others say, ” Ooh, but I don’t like the smell”, or in case the pet is a girl, “but they leave a mess every 6 months”.  If the individual is a child, they may very well have to answer a question, from their parents, along the lines of, “Who will clean up after the pet?”. On the other hand, there are people who are completely in favour of getting pets and wouldn’t need to think twice before adopting one.

One such person is Ms. Kanika Chopra, a proud pet mum of three beautiful Pomeranians, here is what she has to say,

“I actually had no concerns at all. The pets were almost always spontaneous decisions (not the wisest, but we love them to bits). Potty training was perhaps an issue at the start but that was a simple enough task to over come, and now my dogs pee in the bathroom which is cool. Besides that, they’re only messy and get into trouble and chew stuff when they’re puppies. The older they get, the less of a problem maintaining them gets.”

The Common Concerns

To be able to answer the question, “Are pets messy?”, we had to first understand what aspects of having a pet are considered to be the messiest. The common theme of the answers we received to the question “Are pets messy?” pointed out the following factors.


Kanika (quoted earlier) also spoke of how getting fur on almost everything in the house is practically unavoidable with a pet around. And she does have a point, most pets tend to be either furry or feathery. Given that these animals may very well shed their fur, it is quite understandable that most people might believe that the pet’s fur would soon become too much for them to handle.


Pets are like little children, their physical form necessitates quick excretion. So yes, initially they may litter right where they are when they feel the urge. This can cause the house to look and smell dirtier than you may like. However, like little children, they can be taught to use the right parts of the house when carrying out their business.

Physical Cycles

It is natural for female animals to go through their cycles the same way humans do. This is something that throws a lot of potential pet parents off from adopting a female pet. But even this can be manageable, as there are several ways to maintain the hygiene when they are in heat.

How to Solve Them

Jimmy and Chloe

While most of the above concerns would seem sufficient to legitimize the rejection of a pet. We, at Mr. Homecare, weren’t willing to accept this as a fact. There had to be more to the story. To learn more about these concerns, we spoke to another pet parent, the father of two handsome Cocker Spaniels, Jimmy (Instagram Handle: @canus_loonis_flatus)  and Chloe (The adorable canines in the above image).  Here is what he had to say about how he dealt with these concerns,


Puppies & kittens are just like children. If you teach them well, they will learn quickly. There will be times when you feel that you are fighting an uphill battle, but positive feedback and rigorous application will ensure your four legged child does not use your house as a bathroom.

Regular Grooming

Just like we brush our hair two to three times a day, it is necessary for us to groom our four legged children on a daily basis. This ensures that we collect all the loose hair that accumulates before it falls all over our furniture.


One of the golden rules of good pet parenting is to ensure that ones furry child is sterilised. Female dogs & cats come into their cycle every 6 months. By spaying them, you are ensuring that your house remains mess free, and that a moment of inattention does not saddle you with a bunch of puppies or kittens for whom you have to find good homes.


The most important thing to remember in this situation is patience. Dogs have the cognitive skills of a 2 year old human. A well trained dog will not mess up the house unless he has not been walked for long, or if he is unwell. Remember, accidents will happen, just like they happen with human kids. Shaming your furry child for an accident will not resolve the situation.

We received another word of advice from the pet- parent of a pretty little kitten, she said, “Clean up after your pet: Like us, cats also don’t like a dirty loo – make sure you keep the litter box clean – this will also keep your house from smelling like a public toilet.”

Are Pets Messy? – The Answer

So what is the verdict? Is it true? Are Pets Messy? Yes, they most certainly are, but dealing with this mess is a rather simple task once you get used to it. This effort is a very small price to pay for the furry love that you will have coming your way. Every once in a while you could also call for help with cleaning up the remnants of their mess that proved too tough to deal with. All-in-all, while it may be true that pets are messy, it should not be the sole inhibitor that keeps you from adopting one yourself.

We would love to know your take on this, please feel free to share your opinion on topic, “Are pets messy?”, in the comments section below.