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Deep Cleaning Services with a Twist of Flexibility - Arushi
Published July 22, 2017

Deep Cleaning Services with a Twist of Flexibility – Arushi

Often in our lives, we are confronted with situations which require a perfect balance of patience and charm, however, in the end, the fruit is worth the effort. Such was the case of Arushi from Bangalore. On the 5th of July, she got in touch with us for deep cleaning services for her home. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to reschedule the appointment to the 12th of July, and then as luck would have it, 12th July couldn’t work out for her either. She did end up finally taking the service on the 24th of the month, here is what she had to say about it.

Amazing service by the team. They are polite and courteous with clients and help them in every way. I rescheduled twice and they were flexible to accommodate. Also, the service was excellent, there is no supervision required as they pay attention to each and every detail. Great work. 

Perfect Clients Merit Happy Deep Cleaning Services

Patience and charm are qualities that have grown rare in recent history, however, Arushi displayed both of these qualities. She handled the situation with grace, and for that, we are grateful to her. It is always our pleasure to serve amazing patrons like Arushi. While her words may state that the service team was especially polite and courteous, they were merely reciprocating what they saw in her. We are glad that everything worked out well in the end. That we could provide amazing deep cleaning services for an amazing patron.

At Mr. Homecare we value our patrons above everything.  We thus ensure attention to detail and service excellence, two things that stem from our love for our patrons. In return, we gain valuable experiences and lessons from our dear patrons. Arushi showed us that, no matter how difficult the situation may seem, there is always a way to pull it together.