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Mr. Homecare cares for your family, hence here are the do's and the don't's you need to follow for maintaining mattress and increase its efficiency.
Published October 5, 2017

Do’s and Don’t’s – Maintain Your Mattress

Deep cleaning of your home is not as smooth as it sounds. It includes every nook and corner which covers cleaning of your furniture and the mattresses as well. Mattresses especially, need some serious attention as it’s your favorite spot to hop on when you want to relax. But only cleaning will not help, until you yourself don’t take measures to maintain them. Here are the do’s and the don’t’s to follow in order to keep your mattresses healthy and live long life.

The Do’s:

  • Vacuum mattress and box springs every three months with the upholstery attachment each time you do the turning.
  • Strip your bed whenever you go on vacation to air it out.
  • Use washable mattress protector to avoid discoloration and marking
  • Once delivered leave your mattress to air for around 4 hours and do so weekly between bed linen
  • Turn or rotate pocket sprung mattresses every week for fist 3 months and monthly thereafter. This is to allow the fillings to settle evenly ad prolong the life and comfort of your mattress
  • How to turn top to toe: “Working with one person on each long side of the bed, grab onto the handles and turn the mattress perpendicular to the box spring. The slide the mattress partially off one side, bringing the end that was at the foot of the bed up, and let the other end fall to the floor so the mattress is standing on one end. Then simply let if fall back on to the bed and turn it back into place, with the end that was the foot now at the head.”

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t sit on the edge of a mattress.
  • Don’t allow your mattress to get wet.
  • Don’t use dry-cleaning fluid of any type to clean your mattress.
  • Don’t place a board between your mattress and your box spring – it can interfere with the supporting function of the box spring.
  • As a rule never fold your mattress as it will  affect the shape and evenness of the mattress
  • Don’t turn your memory foam mattress

Also, getting a pest control and bed bugs control done every quarterly will help your mattress and family live a healthy life. Prefer hiring professional services for this who use eco-friendly and bio-degradable chemicals. Make the bed, and you’re ready for some serious slumber. To know more in detail about the cleaning and pest control services in detail, contact us.