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Friendship Day 2017 - Appreciating our Journey with You, Our Friends
Published July 30, 2017

Friendship Day 2017 – Appreciating our Journey with You, Our Friends

Year after year after year, we keep sweeping forward through the waters of life. Some days grace us with smooth sailing. On others, our course may be dark and full of terrors. However, the experiences we face with each passing day leave us that much stronger, that much wiser. While this may seem like something limited to individuals, the journey of a company is no different. This friendship day, we take the opportunity to thank all our dear friends.

Because we have learnt a lot from you

Manners maketh the man. Looking back, a lot of the values that form our backbone stem from you, our patrons. It seems like only yesterday that Arushi showcased her patience and grace in her dealings with us despite the tough circumstances. We still haven’t forgotten the importance of persistence, as shown to us by the ever so charismatic Abhishek. Not a day has gone by that we haven’t learnt something from you all.

Because you are important to us

With Each passing day, we continue to improve ourselves that we may be able to serve you better.  On our journey with you, we have come a long way. This road we travel wasn’t always as smooth as it is today. Along the way, We have made our fair share of mistakes, that being said, we acknowledge that we may have failed some of you. We messed up. There is no better opportunity than Friendship day to apologise for this. We too are only human, no matter our aspirations of perfection.

Because you are amazing friends

How do you thank someone who has made you what you are? How much gratitude is enough for those who picked you up every time you were down? Should you find the answer to these questions do let us know, because that is who you are to us. Our support system, our teachers, our friends.  Every time we are greeted by your warm, smiling faces. Every time you show us your appreciation through your kind words, our hearts melt like an ice-cream in a volcano. Our war against dirt, pests and clutter is made so much easier with your constant support.

Because #WeCare

The thing about running a service company is that you cannot go too long without developing a sense of care for your patrons. Such is the case with Mr. Homecare, our patrons make us what we are, and thus you are the people we care about the most. We will go to any length to see that the troubles you face regarding cleaning your home or with the pests that pester you.