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Mr. Homecare shares how a happy home cleaning service at Neesha Dongre's Bangalore apartment, led to massive delight amongst our team too.
Published November 1, 2017

Our Happy Customer – Neesha Dongre

Being in office and home cleaning business is not a cakewalk, we have done a ton of mistakes and learned from every single one of them. Customer feedback is always a gift for Mr. Homecare. It delivers tangible data which is a step that takes us closer to improve relationship with the customer and reach their expectations.

Home Cleaning For Neesha Dongre

Recently we were honored to serve Neesha Dongre for her Bangalore apartment for deep home cleaning. Being a Chief Financial Officer at Quantum Consumer Solutions, her hectic schedule does not let her maintain her home the way she wants. She was highly particular about a list of things, that she had created beforehand. But she was uncertain about how the team would perceive in order to deliver a five start service.

Scheduling A Visit

In order to ascertain her scope of work, we scheduled a site visit before the job – which helped us understand Neesha’s expectations and the amount of scrubbing that would be required. A site visit officer arrives at a pre-scheduled time based on your convenience, understands your preferences, notes down the fine points, communicates the same to our team back at office who in turn get in touch with you armed with a cleaning quotation. That’s exactly what we did.

Thank You, Neesha!

The cleanup progressed smoothly, and we were satisfied with our job right after capturing her sense of satisfaction with our work. Our happiness knew little bounds when we received her sweet testimonial in the evening, despite of her busy schedule.
Quoting Neesha-

“Right from the first call I got a good feeling with the responsiveness and the willingness to accommodate my requirements. I had to reschedule a cleaning service as there was an issue with the water supply in my building on the day it was initially scheduled. There was no fuss and the change was made easily. Interaction with all the team members was polite and courteous.”

Mr. Homecare appreciates the opportunity to serve you and the confidence you have placed in us. It’s a treat to have such kind customers. Thanks a bunch, Neesha. We would love to serve you again in future.