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How to Prepare Your Home for Lord Ganesha this Ganesh Chaturthi
Published July 26, 2017

How to Prepare Your Home for Lord Ganesha this Ganesh Chaturthi

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is nigh, and whether in form or in spirit, we all accept Lord Ganesha into our homes. The festival that gained popularity as Lok Manya Tilak’s brainchild during the Indian freedom movement, has rapidly grown into something much bigger. Today, Ganesh Chaturthi is seen as an opportunity to meet loved ones and spread the love. His traits of Wisdom, Humility and Endurance resound through our lives for these 10 days. For all that he gives us, one can’t help but wonder, “Is my home ready for Him?”.

The only way to know for sure is to make your home ready for Lord Ganesha. In this piece, Mr. Homecare helps you with a few easy ways you can better prepare your home for Lord Ganesha.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Lord Ganesha

  • Clean Your Home

A simple clean up maybe the simplest way to prepare your home for Lord Ganesha. To do this, you would want to scan every nook and corner of your home for dirt and clutter. A daunting task as it may seem, having a clean home is a fairly achievable goal. Here is how you can make it easier.

Start with the Kitchen

When we think about messy rooms, the kitchen is the first place that comes to mind. While most of our kitchens may not be dirty, they do tend to be messy. With the leftovers of chopped fruits and vegetables accompanying out of place cutlery, looking at the kitchen itself may make us want to give up on the goal of having a clean home. Dedicating one day to decluttering and cleaning the kitchen will offer you an unparalleled level of satisfaction. This will go a long way in keeping you motivated to completely cleaning your house.

Stagger Your Efforts

Digging a path through a mountain must have seemed impossible to Mr Dashrath Manjhi at first, and rightly so. However, he did achieve his goal by promising to dig through a certain distance every day. Staggering his work was his secret to success, it could be yours too. Take up one room, or half a room a day to make the task at hand seem easier.

Rid Yourself of Stuff You Don’t Need

When cleaning your house, you will surely come across stuff that you haven’t used in a long time and probably won’t be using anytime soon. Stuff like this would generally account for 40% of the clutter in your home, you can easily avoid this clutter by simply getting rid of the stuff that you don’t need.

Assemble Your Team

It may very well prove difficult to prepare your home for Lord Ganesha all by yourself. However, the good news is that you don’t need to fight this battle alone. We live in a world enabled by technology. A world in which a complete home cleanup is simply a call away. Consider calling for help to deal with some of the more difficult stains that have befallen your home. After all, even Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not win the 2011 Worldcup with his team of professionals behind him.

  • Get the Colours Right

It is human nature to be captivated by brightly coloured objects. Colour is also a brilliant way to set the mood and tone of your home this festive season. There are a lot of ways that you can adjust the colour combinations of your home, a few of these are stated below.

Get That Coat of Paint Done

The walls of your home are the biggest objects that your guests see when they enter your home. Each colour carries its own social undertones. If you have been considering painting your walls for a while, the pre-festive season is the perfect time to take that leap. Red and Gold are the colours of royalty and are apt for a season dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Echo the Season with Your Curtains

While getting a paint-job done simply for the season is admittedly a far fetched notion, house curtains are not quite so. Providing the additional benefit of helping cover up stains on your walls, the right coloured curtains can make your home feel like a warm and forthcoming place for any visitor. Roman double layered blinds on a set glimmering red and gold curtains would look majestic and would fit the season perfectly.

  • General Maintainance Must Not Be Overlooked

You may get the kitchen cleaned, the house decorated, and the drapes changed. However, all of this can very easily be undone by a simple crack in the wall or ants in your kitchen. These things cannot be overlooked and must be dealt with appropriately. Keeping an eye on your general maintenance can help you avoid any such issues during this auspicious season.

As we draw closer to Ganesh Chaturthi, the hustle and bustle of life keep upping their ante. Life gets faster by the minute and before you know it, it will be time for Lord Ganesha to pay us his annual visit. We hope that these tips help you prepare your home for Lord Ganesha.