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How to Tackle the Menace of Pet Fur
Published August 23, 2017

How to Tackle the Menace of Pet Fur

Is greater part of your day spent Fussing about your pet’s loose fur on your furniture, carpets, clothes and flooring? Worry no more as we bring to you some great hacks to tackle excessive hair shedding in dogs and cats. Hair shedding is a normal occurrence when it comes to these animals. You certainly cannot stop this phenomenon where the animal will lose its old fur but it can be brought well under control. Labrador retriever, German shepherd, Chow-chow and Siberian husky are some dog breeds that shed constantly owing to the presence of a thick undercoat.

Daily Brushing will go a long way toward keeping your home free of pet hair

Cat Grooming

Brush your dog/cat each day for a minute preferably outdoors in your yard and you will see a significant reduction in loose hair swirling around the house or sticking to your sofas, beds, carpets, car seats among other objects it can latch on. Be sure to pick the right type of brush depending upon your pet’s hair length and texture. Use a rake for a pet with long hair, bristle brush is ideal for short coats and a pin brush is best suited for wavy hair.

Furniture throws/slipcovers can be useful

Use washable slip covers for your beds and sofas. You may also use any extra sheets lying around the house for the purpose. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about pet-fur sticking to upholstery while you and your furry mate enjoy some cuddle time. You can always remove these throws when you have guests over. Opt for car seat covers to protect original seats from fur thus saving yourself from tiresome cleaning schedules.

A wholesome Diet is a must for maintaining a good coat

corgi dog hair loss pic

A quality and easily digestible protein based diet is ideal for healthy fur. Apart from this, it’s important to supply moisture rich foodstuffs in moderate amounts to the canine in the form of green beans, carrots and melons along with the dry dog food. A diet lacking in moisture can directly affect fur quality, making it weak and prone to breakage. You can speak to your vet for the inclusion of certain supplements such as Bayer Velcote liquid coat supplement for dogs and cats that combat dry/scaly skin conditions aggravating hair-loss. Also, an ayurvedic preparation laden with all essential nutrients is the Himalaya Furglow oral coat conditioner that promises protection to your pet’s coat from allergies, excessive hair-fall and dandruff.

Bathe your dog

Dog Grooming

Usually, monthly baths are good enough to rid your dog of tangled hair, dirty and stinky coat. A filthy coat is an invitation to fleas as well. Some dog owners may be compelled to shower their pooch more regularly due to their outdoorsy spirit. Some canines can’t help but roll in muck. Also, breeds such Basset hounds with an oily coat may require frequent baths. But steer clear of over-bathing your pooch as it will only lead to more problems than any good. Bathing too often can cause dry and itchy skin. Your vet can guide you on the frequency of baths suitable as per the breed & lifestyle of your doggy.

Vacuum clean your home

Pet fur Can be a menace if not dealt with

Vacuum cleaners are a saviour for pet-owning homes and more so if they come with special attachments to vacuum your four-legged mate. In case you plan on performing any vacuuming upon the furry one, carry out the procedure with utmost care to avoid any mishap/injury to the pet. It’s best to acquaint it slowly & carefully to this device. Always keep a lint-roller handy as it is a quick way of removing pet hair from clothes. You can always keep one in your car as well for the last minute clean up before heading out.

Regular checkups at the vet’s clinic

There are certain diseases, skin infections and conditions that trigger hair-loss and bald spots in dogs. Cushing’s disease, fungal and bacterial skin infections, parasitic infestations, food allergies, overexposure to the sun are factors that lead to excessive hair shedding in dogs and require immediate treatment. Cats also suffer hair loss due to parasitic, allergic, genetic and metabolic causes apart from food allergies and stress. The vet will diagnose the problem and provide/prescribe suitable medications. The doctor is able to differentiate normal shedding from the one caused by a disorder/disease/external factors to offer a timely and effective cure.

These tips will help you enjoy your pet sans the fuzzy troubles. With regular pet grooming and proper pet care, you’ll be spending lesser time dealing with hair balls and clingy lose fur.

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