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Sharing how carpet cleaning helps keep your home clean - you can either vacuum it or shampoo it. Services across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune.
Published December 12, 2015

Carpet Cleaning is THE thing.

Carpets are a favorite choice for home and office decor across the world. They cover up your floor, are pretty, look classy, feel good on the feet,  and add a certain warmth to the place we live in. Woody Allen famously said, “What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists? In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet.” And all overpaid carpets need to be maintained. As a result, carpet cleaning is a task.

Why clean the carpet?

Carpets are transparent souls – if they are filthy, they look filthy. That can be a primary reason for cleaning the dirty little thing. Carpets can also be hubs for dust, dirt and particulate pollutants. Since we have humans and pets stomping on the carpets every day (including, in some cases, babies crawling on it) – carpets can get very, very dirty, They harbor dust mites, in addition to all the filth. This results in allergies, diseases and particulate pollution. Simply put, this results in everything that’s harmful to our health.

Mr. Homecare shares how carpet cleaning is a healthy way to keep your home clean - you can either vacuum it or shampoo it. Services across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune.
courtesy: Laura D’Alessandro

How to clean the carpet?

Carpets are quite obedient, most varieties would react calmly to whatever you put them through. For carpets at home, it is easy to move them around and have them taken through multiple cleaning processes. For carpets at offices, your option become limited.

Vacuuming the Dry Way

Step 1: take a vacuum cleaner. Sorry, Step 1: buy a vacuum cleaner. Sorry, Step 1: understand what a vacuum cleaner is. In any case, after you figure out the quantum mechanics behind its functioning and you have the right end sucking dust out of the carpet, run the brand new vacuum cleaner (congratulations!) over the carpet to (yeah) take out all the dust and the dirt.

Carpet Cleaning the Shampooing Way

We get a foam extraction machine in the market which is used to clean the carpet off dirt and stains – it throws a chemical foam on the surface which helps remove the undesirable things – which is vacuumed up again using a wet & dry vacuum cleaner. A shampooed carpet is clean and soft, and stays moist for 3-4 hours post the treatment.

Let us know if you would like us to help you with carpet cleaning at your home or office. Thank you!