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Moving to a new city is a challenge. Finding House Cleaning Services for your new home makes this challenge even harder, says Aishwarya - our happy patron.
Published July 14, 2017

House Cleaning Services for a New Home – Aishwarya’s Experience

Moving to a new city gives way to a new life and a new home. These prospects would seem daunting to the best of us. Cleaning the predecessors’ mess is a nightmare for any new home owner. Such was the case for Aishwarya. She had recently acquired her much desired promotion and was transferred to Delhi.

However, her new home was in shambles and she needed help getting it ready for her to move in. Also, her transfer was on a really short notice, therefore, she needed a quick response and cleanup. The obvious option was to call for professional house cleaning services. On suggestions from her friends, she called upon the house cleaning services of Mr. Homecare.

Quick and Hassle-Free House Cleaning Services

I contacted Mr.Homecare for a deep cleaning of my home. As I have moved on transfer to Delhi, I needed quick response and scheduling before my movers arrived. I received a prompt response from the team and was able to schedule the cleaning the next day.

The on-site team did their job well and paid attention to detail. All the while there was constant communication with the operations team on interim feedback. My home was cleaned very well, the payment was also hassle-free and done online.

Overall, it was a neat and hassle-free experience. Thank you, Mr. Homecare.

The house was rather dusty, and the stains on the walls and flooring seemed quite old. Getting rid of them was quite a task, but we were willing to go to any length to make our patrons happy. We put her on our priority list as we understand the difficulty associated with moving into a new place. In keeping with the Digital India initiative, Aishwarya insisted on making a completely digital payment. Overall Mr. Homecare was happy to have impressed our cheerful patron and wishes her an amazing new life in Delhi.

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