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Published September 28, 2017

Should You Paint Before or After You Move in

After getting the key and walking into your new, calm, and empty apartment, what’s the first thing you do to make it your own? Move in the sofa? Pack the fridge with groceries? There are a thousand right answers and, according to one designer, one very wrong one. Most people take advantage of an empty apartment to paint the walls before they ever move in, but waiting to paint after you’ve settled in a bit makes for a more cohesive space.

Interior room painting is actually quite simple – and not at all taxing – when you can easily move about the entire length and width of a room. Moving big and heavy furniture from room-to-room as you paint your way through your customized home isn’t easy, because you’ll:

  • Have to find spots to move and fit your furniture as you paint around it.
  • Worry about getting paint on your furnishings.
  • Be working and stepping around big tarps which can pose as trip hazards.

So it makes sense to paint when you have free reign over each room of the house, rather than stepping, dancing and moving around your furniture that you’ve worked so hard to place perfectly.

Moreover the following reasons justify moving in later after the paint has been given are as follows.

  • It’s a time-saver
  • Painting before you move in saves money
  • It makes it easier to decorate