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Myths About Pest Control in India (Part. 2)
Published July 12, 2017

Myths About Pest Control in India (Part. 2)

In two of our earlier articles, we have highlighted some of the common myths surrounding pests and pest control in India. However, given the vast nature of the field, that list could not be made comprehensive. That being as it is, we bring you 3 more common pest control myths that people believe to be true, in India.

Ultrasonic Repellents Keep Mosquitos Away

Ultrasonic repellents emit high frequency (>20 kHz) pulses that are inaudible to the average human. These are intended to scare away mosquitos. However, this isn’t always effective, especially in places where the density of mosquitos is relatively high. (The South East Asian region and Indian Subcontinent are two such regions). The chairman of the Dutch Malaria Foundation, Bart Knols, in an interview with BBC, warns against the dangers of relying on these. He says, “Relying on ultrasound technology in such countries is madness. People need to protect themselves with bed nets, lotions and anti-malarial drugs, he says – if they put their faith in ultrasound, and stop taking these precautions, they are putting themselves at risk.”

Harsh Chemicals are Necessary in Order to Deal with Pests

When dealing with pests, it would certainly seem like we have to hit them as hard and fast as we can. And nothing says hard and fast like an ultra strong pest killer. Right? No, in our practice, we have learned that using herbal killers may prove as effective as some of the chemically manufactured solutions available in the market.

Boiling Water Will  Solve Your Ant Problem

While it may seem like a good idea to drown those annoying ants in a pool of boiling water, this solution is only surface deep. (Literally.) The water transfers most of its heat to the soil by the time it seeps through the first few inches of the anthill. (Newton’s law of cooling anyone?) This allows the ants burrowed deeper down to survive and rebuild their colony. It is best to call for professional help to deal with them. (Unless you want to try using hot oil.)

Knowing about pests is one thing, and dealing with them is another. For professional help regarding the pests in your house, contact Mr.Homecare. (We provide professional pest control services in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune.)

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