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Festive Season
Published July 19, 2017

The Importance of Pest control and AC Servicing in the Festive Season

When the festive season in full swing, you’ll be spending more time in the house with family and friends. That makes it an ideal time to get round to doing those house chores you may have been putting off earlier in the year such as getting professionals to service your AC or to clear out pests. That way, you don’t have to worry about how to remove grease stains if you let the AC company do the service. There are also many steps you can take to make your home pest free. Here’s what you need to know to get your home in good shape for the festive season.

Servicing Your AC unit

If you’ve not serviced your AC unit in over a year, it’s likely that it’s costing you more money to cool the house. Months of dirt and grease can build up in the unit. Now that the hot summer months are over and you have more time on your hands with holidays, the festive season is the best time to get your AC serviced.

The easiest way of making sure that your AC unit is working fully is by setting up an appointment with an AC maintenance company. After all, servicing the air conditioning unit yourself can be time-consuming and ineffective. The AC servicing company will clean your unit and lubricate its moving parts to eliminate friction. During Diwali, you’ll want to leave the chores of knowing how to remove grease stains to the professionals and companies who can help you service your AC.

Pest control

Pests can be a huge problem during the festive season. Moths can lurk in your cupboards, chewing up the clothes you saved for special occasions, while flies, rats and cockroaches can be attracted to the delicious food you’ve prepared. That’s why you may want to consider getting in a pest control expert to fumigate your house. When selecting a pest control company, make sure they use non-toxic chemicals. The problem with many off-the-shelf pest repellents is that they often contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to yourself, young children and pets.

You can also help to reduce pests in the home by keeping food in sealed containers and clean the kitchen thoroughly after every meal. Pests love spilt food. That said, some natural ingredients in your cupboard can help if you have an ant infestation. You can try using natural repellants such as cinnamon and coffee grounds to drive them away. To avoid your clothes from getting spoiled, consider putting moth balls in your wardrobe.

If there’s any time to be house proud, it’s the festive season. There’s no better time than October to sort out common problems such as getting rid of pests and servicing your AC. That way you can host guests without worrying about common house problems getting in the way of your celebrations.