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How to Maintain a Child and Pet Friendly Car
Published July 4, 2017

How to Maintain a ‘Child and Pet Friendly’ Car

If you regularly take trips with your child or pet dog in your car, you’ll want to make sure they are as safe and comfortable as possible. Here are three tips to help you combat some of the most common problems of driving with children and dogs – overheating, mess and danger. How to Avoid […]

Car Protection During the Monsoon Made Easy - 7 Simple Tips
Published June 14, 2017

Car Protection During the Monsoon Made Easy – 7 Simple Tips

It’s that time of the year again, the rain is all set to fall heavy on us. Traffic is about to get denser, and travel that much more frustrating. The worst of it all is that our beloved vehicles bear the brunt of the monsoon’s wrath. Nobody likes to drive with skiddy tyres or bad […]

Mr. Homecare's Guide to Waterproofing Bangalore Houses - Rising Damp
Published May 30, 2017

Mr. Homecare’s Guide to Waterproofing Bangalore Houses – Rising Damp

Bangalore has the unique problem of having high ground water levels (despite it having been depleted over the years) in a non-coastal city. This causes concrete constructions in Bangalore to face an issue of rising damp. (A rising damp is when groundwater seeps up through your structure.) The job of Waterproofing Bangalore houses is thus, […]

6 Myths and Misconceptions About Pest Control in India (Pt.2) | Mr.Homecare
Published May 24, 2017

5 Myths About Pest Control in India | Mr.Homecare

Earlier, we have spoken of 6 Common myths about pests in India. On popular demand, we now bring to you a new set of 5 common myths that revolve around the subject of pest control. Pest control can often be a controversial topic with myths ranging from health problems to extremely simple-seeming DIY solutions which really […]

Inappropriate humidity levels can wreck your house and cause serious illnesses. Mr. Homecare shares ways to reduce humidity this summer by AC servicing.
Published March 2, 2017

Ways To Reduce Humidity in Your Home

The long, hot summers in India are quite unforgiving and you can’t survive those humid months without the blessed air conditioners. Controlling your home’s humidity levels by AC servicing has significantly more benefits than a reduced heating bill, and inappropriate humidity levels can wreck your house as well as cause serious illnesses. Managing ideal indoor […]

Mr. Homecare helps you with the tips to follow your New Year's resolution of home cleaning and organizing your home, to give a fresh start to the New Year.
Published January 2, 2017

Setting Your Home Up for 2017

January brings a fresh start. With the welcoming mood of 2017, organizing your home should be probably at the top of your New Year’s resolution list. Fitness goals and trying to save money may come to your mind, but decluttering your home on a regular basis is a resolution that can help you stay on top […]

Pet owners love driving along with their pets. Mr. Homecare helps you deal with car cleaning to get rid of your pet hair in simple yet effective steps.
Published November 23, 2016

5 Easy Car Cleaning Tips To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

If you live in a pet-friendly household, you know how fun, funny and endearing a pet can be to have around. Everybody loves their pets but removing their hair from the car can be a bit of pain and frustrating. When it comes to car cleaning, you need to take extra care in order to prevent […]

Mr. Homecare helps you banish those creepy pests around your home in a pet-friendly way through herbal and non-toxic pest control solutions.
Published November 19, 2016

Pet-Friendly Pest Control Solutions For You

We all love our home. It’s us who make a house our home, take care of the aesthetics and those minor and major glitches. A pest free home is also one of the primary concerns in order to have a disease free environment for you and your family. And if a pet is a part of […]

Mr. Homecare shares home cleaning hacks that will save your time and efforts and make you wonder weren't you using them till now.
Published November 17, 2016

6 Home Cleaning Hacks To Save Your Time And Efforts

Everybody loves a clean and uncluttered house, but starts whining about it when it comes to home cleaning. Major reason of this hitch is the time taken to flush the dirt in order to make your nest spic and span. Keeping a home clean requires efforts and regular efforts is time consuming. So how to […]

Don’t let cleaning scares bring down your Holi spirits! The Mumbai guide on cleaning homes after Holi will take care of any kind of color stains!
Published March 23, 2016

The Mumbai guide of Cleaning Homes after Holi

It’s that time of the year again in Mumbai, when showers of gulaal will fly through the air, water balloons will fly out from unsuspecting corners, and everybody’s faces will be smeared with hues of blue, pink and green. In other words, “Holi hai!” Colors and drums would conveniently make us forget the task of cleaning homes […]