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Mr. Homecare helps you with the tips to follow your New Year's resolution of home cleaning and organizing your home, to give a fresh start to the New Year.
Published January 2, 2018

Setting Your Home Up for 2018

January brings a fresh start. With the welcoming mood of 2018, organizing your home should be probably at the top of your New Year’s resolution list. Fitness goals and trying to save money may come to your mind, but decluttering your home on a regular basis is a resolution that can help you stay on top […]

Fastest Kitchen Cleaning tips: 1. Gather All of Your Needed Supplies Together 2. Clean the Sink 3. Place Dishes that Need to Soak into the Water
Published November 9, 2017

Clean Your Kitchen the Fastest Way

Out of all the rooms at our home, kitchen seems to be the one which gets untidy the quickest and cleaning it seems much of an unpleasant task out of all other chores. Therefore it’s necessary that we do kitchen cleaning in a more systematic kind of way which could help us save time and make […]

car care
Published November 8, 2017

Leather Seats in your car? 7 things that you must do!

So you splashed out the big bucks for those leather seats in your hot wheels. The bad news – those soft leather seats are prone to stains and tears. The good news – the below steps will ensure they last a lifetime. Avoid using detergents on leather seats for car care Detergents usually consist of […]

Mr. Homecare cares for your family, hence here are the do's and the don't's you need to follow for maintaining mattress and increase its efficiency.
Published October 5, 2017

Do’s and Don’t’s – Maintain Your Mattress

Deep cleaning of your home is not as smooth as it sounds. It includes every nook and corner which covers cleaning of your furniture and the mattresses as well. Mattresses especially, need some serious attention as it’s your favorite spot to hop on when you want to relax. But only cleaning will not help, until […]

DIY Home Decor Hacks that are just Too Good to Resist
Published August 30, 2017

DIY Home Decor Hacks that are just Too Good to Resist

We all have, at some point wanted to make our rooms look cosier, but the options available to us in the market simply didn’t match our taste. You would have loved to build our own decor back then, but simply didn’t know how. Here is your chance to set that record straight. Mr. Homecare brings […]

Quicker Home Cleaning - A Simple Guide
Published July 8, 2017

Quicker Home Cleaning – A Simple Guide

Cleaning one’s home can often prove to be a challenging and tedious task. And yet, it is one that needs to be done regularly. If only there was a way to make this cleaning go by a little faster. That is where we come in. As home cleaning experts we are here to prove that quicker […]

How to Maintain a Child and Pet Friendly Car
Published July 4, 2017

How to Maintain a ‘Child and Pet Friendly’ Car

If you regularly take trips with your child or pet dog in your car, you’ll want to make sure they are as safe and comfortable as possible. Here are three tips to help you combat some of the most common problems of driving with children and dogs – overheating, mess and danger. How to Avoid […]

Car Protection During the Monsoon Made Easy - 7 Simple Tips
Published June 14, 2017

Car Protection During the Monsoon Made Easy – 7 Simple Tips

It’s that time of the year again, the rain is all set to fall heavy on us. Traffic is about to get denser, and travel that much more frustrating. The worst of it all is that our beloved vehicles bear the brunt of the monsoon’s wrath. Nobody likes to drive with skiddy tyres or bad […]

Mr. Homecare's Guide to Waterproofing Bangalore Houses - Rising Damp
Published May 30, 2017

Mr. Homecare’s Guide to Waterproofing Bangalore Houses – Rising Damp

Bangalore has the unique problem of having high ground water levels (despite it having been depleted over the years) in a non-coastal city. This causes concrete constructions in Bangalore to face an issue of rising damp. (A rising damp is when groundwater seeps up through your structure.) The job of Waterproofing Bangalore houses is thus, […]

6 Myths and Misconceptions About Pest Control in India (Pt.2) | Mr.Homecare
Published May 24, 2017

5 Myths About Pest Control in India | Mr.Homecare

Earlier, we have spoken of 6 Common myths about pests in India. On popular demand, we now bring to you a new set of 5 common myths that revolve around the subject of pest control. Pest control can often be a controversial topic with myths ranging from health problems to extremely simple-seeming DIY solutions which really […]