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Moving to a new city is a challenge. Finding House Cleaning Services for your new home makes this challenge even harder, says Aishwarya - our happy patron.
Published July 14, 2017

House Cleaning Services for a New Home – Aishwarya’s Experience

Moving to a new city gives way to a new life and a new home. These prospects would seem daunting to the best of us. Cleaning the predecessors’ mess is a nightmare for any new home owner. Such was the case for Aishwarya. She had recently acquired her much desired promotion and was transferred to Delhi. […]

Service Recovery for Abhishek Bhargava : A Turnaround Story
Published June 21, 2017

Service Recovery for Abhishek Bhargava – A Turnaround Story

In a business like home cleaning, it is not unusual for even the best of teams to go wrong sometimes. It is at times like these that the patience and acceptance of our dear patrons shines through. Not too long ago we had such a situation, and we are grateful for the patience that allowed […]

Mr.Homecare Is The Best Home Cleaning Service for Pankti
Published May 26, 2017

Our Super Happy Patron – Pankti

Every now and then we get to serve a super energetic, super enthusiastic, and super helpful patron. Pankti was one such case. It was our honest pleasure to serve her and help make her home that much cleaner. It is for our amazing patrons like Pankti that we strive to become the best home cleaning […]

Mr. Homecare was the Magic Answer to all my home problems
Published May 18, 2017

“Mr. Homecare was the Magic Answer to all my home problems” – Shaista Vaishnav

Homecare is one of those things, we don’t know we need it until it just cannot be ignored anymore. It is yet so integral to our style of living that sometimes, it just cannot be avoided. It may even be seen as a form of indulgence by some. There is though, a difference between a […]

Mr. Homecare shares how Krishnan was delighted with our home cleaning service, where he is talking about the quality and the in house team.
Published May 10, 2017

“Paisa Vasool Service” – Krishnan’s Happy Dad

It is natural to feel nervous and cautious when inviting a stranger into your home. This may be a repairman for servicing an AC or a home cleaning service to deep clean your house. These fears only get amplified when the resident of the aforementioned house is someone you care about, living alone. Such was […]

Mr. Homecare shares how Sabiha Bilal is a wonderful patron, who helped with valuable feedback post home cleaning service for her Mumbai apartment.
Published March 3, 2017

“Commendable Service by Mr. Homecare” – Sabiha Bilal

Feedback is crucial to a company’s health, yet quite tender in its disposition. We have had our customers share their frank feedback right from the start. Since home cleaning is a personal errand, where we clean every nook and corner dear to you, understanding how you like the service helps us be better at what […]

Mr. Homecare shares a happy and a blissed out customer experience by Rashi Jhunjhunwaala, when we did home cleaning in her Mumbai apartment
Published February 23, 2017

“A helpful and a hassle free experience” – Rashi Jhunjhunwala

It is natural for our patrons to be concerned about how verified, and how trained and well mannered our teams are – considering they would have access to every single detail of a customer’s residence. Customer testimonials deliver tangible data which is a step that takes us closer to improve relationship with the customer and reach […]

Mr. Homecare shares how delighted Shai Shah was with our team and our service, and wrote a very sweet testimonial after the home cleaning session in Mumbai.
Published February 2, 2017

Toddler Safe and Squeaky Clean Home For Shai Shah

Attention to detail is a prime characteristic of a high-performing service. We at Mr. Homecare, refer to these opportunities as moments of truth. Our home cleaning services for homes are customized in such a way that they suit the requirements of the new arrival – and there is extra focus laid on doing a more thorough job in […]

Mr. Homecare writes about the home cleaning experience by our dear customer Jayant, and how he loved the post service inspection by our supervisor.
Published January 30, 2017

Happy Home Cleaning For Jayant Mepani

Customer service starts from attention to detail. Everything counts, the details surround us, no matter what kind of job we do. At any point of being a customer, you would feel agitated if details were ignored and service was shoddy. The attention to detail is what demonstrates the competence of the company and its representatives. At […]

Mr. Homecare shares how delighted Jaya Mahale was with our team and service, and wrote a very sweet testimonial after the home cleaning session in Mumbai.
Published January 26, 2017

Super Happy Jaya Mahale From Mumbai

Whether buying your coffee, picking up your clothes at the dry cleaner or calling for a home cleaning service, one unifying aspect of each of these simple transactions is being a part of a customer service experience. Every feedback from our customers is a new step for us on the ladder of success. That’s why […]