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Mr. Homecare shares how a happy home cleaning service at Neesha Dongre's Bangalore apartment, led to massive delight amongst our team too.
Published November 1, 2017

Our Happy Customer – Neesha Dongre

Being in office and home cleaning business is not a cakewalk, we have done a ton of mistakes and learned from every single one of them. Customer feedback is always a gift for Mr. Homecare. It delivers tangible data which is a step that takes us closer to improve relationship with the customer and reach their expectations. Home Cleaning […]

home cleanup
Published October 10, 2017

A Helpful Home Cleanup for Dhisha

Being in the home cleaning services industry is no cake walk – especially when you are present across geographies and in Pune which is, after all, Pune – our teams are on the field all day doing what they do best – keeping your homes and offices sparkling clean. Our communications teams are at work […]

Even the Best Can Still Improve - Dipti
Published August 17, 2017

Even the Best Can Still Improve – Dipti

“Nobody said it was easy, but no one ever said it would be so hard.” The lyrics of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” ring through our minds ever so often. When we were appointed by Dipti to clean her home, we were our usual confident selves. We approached the task at hands wearing our professionalism on our […]

On the road to perfection with Sambit Bannerjee | Mr. Homecare
Published August 11, 2017

On the road to perfection with Sambit Bannerjee | Mr. Homecare

We always look to improve ourselves. It is human nature. However, there is little we can do to get there other than learn from our mistakes and continually improve day after day. Sometimes this effort shows through, and sometimes it doesn’t. In the case of Sambit Bannerjee, it shone through in all its glory. However, it […]

Efficient Cleaning Teams - The Secret to Success | Geeta Menezes
Published August 9, 2017

“A meticulous job” – Geeta Menezes’ thoughts on our Cleaning Teams

No matter what the profession may be, efficiency is always treated as a key performance indicator. This is because an efficient team makes the best use of time, and as the age-old saying goes, “Time is money”. As a result, Mr. Homecare directs a ton of effort towards training its teams to slash service times drastically. And […]

Friendship Day 2017 - Appreciating our Journey with You, Our Friends
Published July 30, 2017

Friendship Day 2017 – Appreciating our Journey with You, Our Friends

Year after year after year, we keep sweeping forward through the waters of life. Some days grace us with smooth sailing. On others, our course may be dark and full of terrors. However, the experiences we face with each passing day leave us that much stronger, that much wiser. While this may seem like something […]

Deep Cleaning Services with a Twist of Flexibility - Arushi
Published July 22, 2017

Deep Cleaning Services with a Twist of Flexibility – Arushi

Often in our lives, we are confronted with situations which require a perfect balance of patience and charm, however, in the end, the fruit is worth the effort. Such was the case of Arushi from Bangalore. On the 5th of July, she got in touch with us for deep cleaning services for her home. However, […]

Moving to a new city is a challenge. Finding House Cleaning Services for your new home makes this challenge even harder, says Aishwarya - our happy patron.
Published July 14, 2017

House Cleaning Services for a New Home – Aishwarya’s Experience

Moving to a new city gives way to a new life and a new home. These prospects would seem daunting to the best of us. Cleaning the predecessors’ mess is a nightmare for any new home owner. Such was the case for Aishwarya. She had recently acquired her much desired promotion and was transferred to Delhi. […]

Service Recovery for Abhishek Bhargava : A Turnaround Story
Published June 21, 2017

Service Recovery for Abhishek Bhargava – A Turnaround Story

In a business like home cleaning, it is not unusual for even the best of teams to go wrong sometimes. It is at times like these that the patience and acceptance of our dear patrons shines through. Not too long ago we had such a situation, and we are grateful for the patience that allowed […]

Mr.Homecare Is The Best Home Cleaning Service for Pankti
Published May 26, 2017

Our Super Happy Patron – Pankti

Every now and then we get to serve a super energetic, super enthusiastic, and super helpful patron. Pankti was one such case. It was our honest pleasure to serve her and help make her home that much cleaner. It is for our amazing patrons like Pankti that we strive to become the best home cleaning […]