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painting mistakes
Published January 29, 2016

3 Biggest home painting mistakes committed by Indians

The most unfortunate slip-up Indians make while getting their homes painted is hiring untrained painting contractors which is. Their lucrative offers lure you in, only for you to see the walls of your home blistering or damping in a few months’ time.

These unprofessional painters fail to consider several geographical aspects when painting your home. Most interior wall issues arise due to climatic conditions like extreme moisture, humidity or hot weather, location of your home as well as air pollutants in the atmosphere, conditions that are largely prevalent in India. Taking these pointers before hiring an interior painter is a prerequisite, as hiring unprofessional can lead to lasting damage.

1.Usage of Delicate Paint

Moss on wall
Moss on the walls of your house is pretty common in humid areas

If your home is located near a beach, the air is likelier to be damp and moist. This dampness affects the paintjob, whether it’s exterior or interior, giving rise to moss and mould. Moreover, if the painter coats the walls with delicate paint, the damage is greater. This makes it tough for other painters to get rid of these damaged walls and re-paint.

If you’re for an interior paint job, you must make sure the handymen are well-trained and possess enough knowledge of the factors that may adversely affect your home.

2.Usage of Non-washable Paint Instead of Washable

Wall with stains
Washable paints can stain your walls

Most paints are identified only by experts, which make it hard for the consumer to understand these products and lead to such painting mistakes. Most people prefer washable paints that can be easily cleaned, only to discover permanent stains a few months later.

In fact, in maximum cases unorganised local contractors provide non-washable paints along with a cheaper deal. But you must keep in mind that these are the walls of your home that get tainted with stains and smudges due to painting disasters.

Therefore, you must select only the more experienced painting companies who also offer their expert advice.

3.Usage of Mixed Products

Cracked wall
Adulterated paint can chip and crack, giving your walls a dull look

Most local painters mix the good-quality labelled goods with cheaper ones to deal with rising costs. These cheap paints are not water resistant, and lose most of their qualities in the mixing process, making your house walls look dull.

Bet you must be alarmed now knowing that the untrained contractor you hired to get your home painted is deceiving in more ways than one and commit painting mistakes! But don’t worry. Look for our reliable painting services in bangalore, delhi and mumbai instead that give out all the necessary information and guarantee the best customer services after the job is done.

Have you experienced any such grave painting mistakes? Share them with us in the comments below and we’ll happily help you get over them!





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