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Published January 30, 2016

3 Shocking electrical hazards in your home, you weren’t aware of!

Every home is full of various electrical appliances and machinery, which may be potentially hazardous to your and your family. Even if you take the required steps to eliminate their dangers, electrical hazards could arise at any point of time if ignored or overlooked.  So here’s how you can stay aware and safe from these hazards lurking in your home.

1.Plugging appliances close to water

Immersion heater
Having electrical plugs and sockets near the source of water can lead to accidents

Electrical sockets and outlets are widely placed across homes in bathrooms, kitchen, and the living area, which may or may not be installed at a fair distance from the water source. This increases the chances of getting electric shocks.

Also, the increase in the usage of appliances and electronic products like mobile phones, microwaves, televisions, tablets, hair dryers, among others also raises the possibility of electric shocks if these products are used or charged carelessly. Such ignorance can lead to fires or electric shocks.

2.Neglecting the required childproofing

Electric Socket
Childproofing electrical sockets is a must to prevent your little ones from getting hurt

You should make sure you use childproofing techniques if you have young children or babies at your home to avoid electrical hazards. As toddlers tend to be inquisitive about the things they can easily reach and keep touching and exploring them; things such as electrical wires, outlets, hot appliances (pressing iron, hair dryer or hot plates) among others pose as threats for your babies. You can prevent accidents by storing all hazardous appliances on higher shelves and babyproofing your home thoroughly.

You can avail the services of those who conduct household fire safety audits, which make certain that your home is safe and secure.

3.Poor, defective or old wiring

Old wires
Old wiring and meters are like a ticking time-bomb, and changing them is a must

For complete safety and security at home, it’s vital that all your electrical appliances conform to the standard set by fire safety auditors. Good quality wiring, which is not only checked but also replaced after regular intervals, is a must. Old or poor wiring increase the risk of fire, surge of power, arc and faults among other potential grave dangers.

You must also avoid DIY when it comes to electrical work, and hire a professional electrician instead. Experienced electricians are reliable while also having the apt knowledge about appliances, wiring systems and electrical fuses.

If you come across damaged, worn, cracked or corroded electrical wires you should immediately hire an electrician to avoid electrical hazards; while making sure you look for a reliable contractor who replaces all old faulty household wires.

Do you know of any other potential electrical hazard? Tell us in the comments below!



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