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Published November 8, 2017

Leather Seats in your car? 7 things that you must do!

So you splashed out the big bucks for those leather seats in your hot wheels. The bad news – those soft leather seats are prone to stains and tears. The good news – the below steps will ensure they last a lifetime.

Avoid using detergents on leather seats for car care

leather seats detergent

Detergents usually consist of chemicals which can be harsh on leather causing it to dry out making it shrink and lose its lush texture and shine for good.

Use good quality leather seats cleaners only

To make sure leather retains its luster, instead of detergents use  special protective leather cleaner. They allow the material to retain its elegance for a long.

Take generous amounts of the liquid on a soft cloth and wipe the seats. Apply liberally so that the leather can soak the solution.

Wash leather seats thoroughly

Since leather cleaning solution can soak deep into the leather, it is important to wash leather seats with water for car care before applying cleaner. If the seats are not washed, chances are stains and dirt seep into the leather with the conditioner and damage it from the inside.


Use only genuine leather seats conditioners 

The market is filled with hoax products. Your leather seat can be extra sensitive or the conditioner you purchase can be of inferior quality. You can test the liquid beforehand by first trying it on a concealed part of the seat.


Give car leather seats an olive oil massage 

Just as good as olive oil is for hair and skin, so it is for leather seats. Just pour some oil in a bowl and using a soft cloth soaked in it, wipe the seats meticulously. Olive oil massage not only removes grime it also helps remove scratches on leather seats.


Monsoon tip: Clean leather seats regularly and let them dry well 

During monsoon, leather seats can get soggy leading to fungus. If this happens wipe the fungus with a damp cloth and allow the leather to dry completely. Use leather cleaning conditioner or white vinegar to wash the seats thoroughly once it is completely dry.

Do not use artificial heat to dry leather seats

Always allow leather seats to dry out on their own. Never use artificial heat like hair driers because that can decrease your seat’s life.

Periodic professional care of your car leather seats will increase their life. It is an investment that will pay you back in spades when your posh and expensive seats last a life time.

Tell us how you take care of your leather seats, either at home or in your car in the comments below. The best answer gets a special gift from Mr. Homecare.

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